Miss Soraia
Founder and Headteacher
Miss Soraia first started her career with children over 14 years ago as a Maternity Nurse and Nanny/Tutor, guiding and supporting families through the experience of their first newborn to their child’s first day of school. She then turned her hand to more formal teaching and took on the role of class teacher at The Knightsbridge Kindergarten. During her time here she was also the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO), ensuring all children with additional needs were being supported.
Miss Soraia has extensive qualifications, experience and passion for teaching, with a particular love for Early Years. This passion was inspired by wanting to be the best role model for her own daughter, ensuring she had a love for learning too. This passion for Early Years was the driving force behind opening her own setting. Miss Soraia believes a loving, encouraging and positive start to education will create engaged and curious learners who will enjoy learning, no matter their ability.
Miss Denise
Deputy Head
Miss Denise showed her passion for Early Years Education from an early age and worked her way up from an Apprentice at a well known Nursery School to become a Senior Practitioner.

She then continued her professional development at Eaton Square School where she worked as a Class Teacher.

Working with a Pre-school class revealed that one of Miss Denise’s true talents is preparing children for the transition from Nursery to Reception class.

Miss Denise and Miss Soraia combined their knowledge, skills, experience and love for children to create a small, cosy nursery school providing children with an environment in which they will develop and blossom.
Miss Katie
Ballet Teacher
Knightsbridge Ballet has been teaching Classical Ballet to children and young adults in Knightsbridge (Kensington and Chelsea) and throughout London to children of all ages and abilities for the past 11 years. We may be a new brand, but we aren't brand new! Under our Award Winning Sister Company D.D.A (www.dakodasdanceacademy.com) we have been offering the highest standard in Children's Ballet education to students all around Knightsbridge, Kensington & Chelsea, Wimbledon & More. At Knightsbridge Ballet, we are set apart by our individual attention for your child, limited class sizes and the expertise of our teachers. We are the choice for families wishing to find the highest calibre of ballet training with their child's development and all-round health and well being at the forefront of our priority. Miss Katie trained at Elmhurst Ballet school before joining Knightsbridge Ballet and is delighted to be teaching Ballet at the wonderful Notting Hill Nursery School.
Nursery School Sessions

Nursery School Sessions

Morning 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Afternoon 12:45 pm to 3:45 pm

Full day 9:00 to 3:45 pm